Crables Have Landed

27 December 2018

We are very, very excited to announce that each and every one of our beds in Glasgow now comes with its very own Crable.

“What’s a Crable?” we hear you ask

Well, a Crable is a wall-mounted shelf station that provides light and power where you want it most.

Euro Hostel Black Crable

Euro Hostels already had the fastest of superfast free Wi-Fi and Crables now mean you can stream and download and game and upload and…you get the idea….wherever you are in our hostels, without running out of juice.

Charging your devices can be via sockets, USBs or wireless charging hotspots on top of the Crables’ shelf.

We’ve also installed Crables in our bars, in reception and in other communal areas of our hostels.

Not all mobile/cell phones are fitted with wireless receivers yet. DO NOT FEAR we can supply wireless receivers to fit almost all phones on the market.

So, once again you can Budget Stay-Your Way with power and light at your fingertips. Or just use a Crable as a shelf and bedside light.

 Crables are really strong

To find out more about Crables, visit

 Crable Collage