Top 10 Free Attractions in Newcastle

If you’re trying to put together a to do list of things to see while you’re in Newcastle let us help. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 things to see and do that won’t cost you a penny!! And there’s something there for everyone too (you can thank us later!).

1. Journey to the Angel of the North

The Angel of the North is one of the most famous landmarks in the North East of England and driving past her is just not good enough. To fully appreciate her size, you need to stand at her feet and gaze up at her. She’s 66 feet tall making you feel pretty small when you stand beside her.

2. Walk the Walk of Fame

Every wanted to walk in the footsteps of the best Geordie celebrities? Well you can along the banks of the River Tyne. Sprinkled along the banks of the river you can see tributes to the heroes of Newcastle like Alan Shearer and Ant & Dec.

3. Discover Newcastle’s past

In Blandford Square, you can visit the Discovery Museum and learn all about Newcastle’s history and the important part it played in Britain’s past. There are permanent displays to browse as well as special temporary exhibitions, workshops and presentations.

4. See the City Walls

There aren’t many UK cities that still have their old defense walls in place but Newcastle is one of the few. The section by St James Park is well worth a look and in places is as high as 8 metres tall.

5. Ping Pong

If you’re up for a game of Ping Pong why not make it more interesting by playing on one of the busiest streets in Newcastle! On Northumberland Street there’s a table waiting to be played! Liven up any shopping trip by stopping to score a few points!

6. Did that Bridge Wink?

The Millennium Bridge is one of a kind and you’ll find people lining the banks if the River Tyne to watch it every day. It’s not just a pedestrian bridge, it also lets boats pass by tilting to let them through which makes it look like a giant wink! This is a must see!

7. Walk the 7 bridges

The Tyne Bridge is one of the main images you’ll see when you look at pictures of Newcastle but this iconic bridge is one of 7 bridges in the city. You can walk across them all for some great views across the River Tyne stopping on the Swing Bridge to admire the lights of the Millennium Bridge.

8. Hit the Gym

If you fancy feeling the burn why not exercise outdoors at the fresh air gym on the banks of the Tyne. This 4 piece gym will not only make you feel a bit smug that you’ve ticked a workout of your list but will let you admire some amazing views of the river while you do it! And you can warm up on the way with a wee run along the paths of the riverside.

9. Explore Ouseburn

Ouseburn is one of the trendiest of Newcastle’s suburbs and is well worth a visit. The Biscuit Factory Art Gallery is situated here as well as Seven Stores, the national centre for Children’s Books.

10. Tyne Cycle

The cycle route along the banks of the River Tyne is the perfect place to take your bike and you can peddle all the way to the coast if you want to make a day of it. Visit the lovely town of Tynemouth while you’re on your travels.

Please Note: All of our information is correct at the time of publishing