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Ware Rooms Newcastle

The Ware Rooms - Newcastle - EH
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What’s the secret to a great bar?

Doing the simple things really well…it’s that easy.

Great drinks, food, service and music…all the time.

The Ware Rooms is a fantastic venue for any occasion.  Whether you’re watching live sport on our large screen TVs, relaxing in our VIP Booths, attending an event or just meeting up with friends, you won’t find a better bar in Newcastle.

We open every day at 8.00 am and we close late during the week (very late at the weekend).

We offer awesome value deals on drinks and food. See our food menu here and our cocktail list here.

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Our kitchen is open from 8.00 am and closes when the bar closes.

Breakfast –  served from 8.00 am until 11.00 am and at only £1.00 per item, or 5 items for £4.50 (minimum purchase £2.00), you can shape your breakfast the way you like it.  We’ve got specialty coffees, delicious muffins, hot bacon/sausage baps, cereals, toast & preserves and much more.

Here’s our breakfast menu.

All Day and Night Dining – Brilliant value meals served all day every day until 9.00 pm. Mains, subs, burgers, snacks and of course puddings! Meal Deals are available too, check them out here.

Here’s our latest All Day menu and yummy sides.


We do our best to provide the best drinks at reasonable prices.

We’ve got an extensive selection of draught beers and ciders including some terrific locally brewed lines. Lots of bottled products to choose from too!

Wine lovers are catered for with a carefully selected list of whites, reds and sparkly options. This is our Wine List.

Our cocktail list is extensive and features some real crackers. Check them out here. We regularly do 241 deals on these so check with a member of the team what today’s deals are.

Party organisers can book drinks packages which provide great value for money for your guests.


If you’re a fan of sport we’ve got the Full Sky Sports and BT Sports Packages so you won’t miss any of the games and you’re guaranteed a great view, with multiple large screen TVs all around the bar.  You’re probably thinking “So what? Every bar has…” Not every bar has HALF PRICE PINTS and £1.50 BOTTLED BEERS for the duration of the game!

Check out our Facebook Page to see what’s on this week.

If we haven’t advertised your team’s game then please, just ask and we’ll do our best to show it for you.


The Ware Rooms is ideal for parties of all sizes and we have everything you need to have a great time.

If you’re meeting up with friends, you can reserve an area of the bar and pre-book drinks for your arrival.  Alternatively, if you’re planning a party or event you can use the bar on a venue shared basis, or even reserve the whole bar for a private function as we’re an ideal venue for weddings, christenings, birthdays, engagement parties, funerals, graduations or anything else for that matter!

We’ve hosted company receptions, sport team season launches and live music events…so you see, we can do it all!

Check out our VIP Booths too. You can reserve these on their own for your group or use when you host a private party and book the whole bar. ‘Book a Booth’ to receive table service all night and exclusive drink offers.

With a maximum capacity of 250 people, The Ware Rooms can host any event and there’s also a DJ booth (whether you use our resident DJ or hire your own). We can even organise the catering and decoration of the room for your event.

It’s never too early to think about Christmas and, whether it’s a company party or a gathering of friends, you can book The Ware Rooms for your Party Night too.  Party Night Packages are from £10.00 per person and include a welcome drink, buffet and disco!

Don’t forget that as we’re part of Euro Hostel Newcastle, you can book accommodation from a huge selection of private rooms, dorm beds, mini suites or even our VIP Suite – The Bunkalow.

Visit BOOM! MATES for our best Mates Rates deals at Euro Hostel.


The Ware Rooms got its name following extensive research into the history of Carliol Square. Whilst here spare a thought for Newcastle’s own Bill Sykes – a man called Henry Cunningham who is historically documented as being one of the city’s most infamous rogues. Want to know more?

The description in the Newcastle Courant of January 10, 1782 seems a familiar one. The ringleader of a gang of prolific thieves has just become an inmate of the Newcastle House of Correction, paying the price for his ill-gotten gains which he stored in his “wareroom”.

“He appears to be about 30 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches high, of a dark swarthy complexion, thin faced, has black dull eyes, long black rough hair, a small scar of a slight wound under his left eye, lately healed, a scar on his right jaw, and wants the first joints of the thumb and two first fingers of his right hand.

“His present dress is an old coarse slouched hat, a black silk neckcloth, a coarse blue half-wide coat, a fine light blue coat and waistcoat, and dirty buck or doe skin breeches.

Like something straight from the pages of Charles Dickens’ ‘Oliver!’ the detail of this shady underworld figure is vivid. Indeed, it could almost be a description of Bill Sykes himself, a character whose appearance seems chillingly similar to the House of Correction’s newest inmate.

But instead, this is a man named Henry Cunningham, whose reputation for leading a gang of eighteenth-century pickpockets and petty criminals in the North East pervades even to this day.

Given that, it becomes easy to see why he is often referred to as Newcastle’s equivalent to Bill Sykes. Both in terms of criminal deeds and physical appearance, the association is undeniable.  And it is something that has made him into almost a legendary figure in his home region, thanks in no small part to the loveable Dickensian rogue to whom he bears so many similarities.

The Ware Rooms is proud to help keep the legend of Henry Cunningham alive. Its building, in Carliol Square, occupies part of the site of the House of Correction – Cunningham’s former home, for a time at least – which was to be the last of the city’s prisons, before it closed in 1925. Despite being home to a jail, and also the site of some executions, its proximity to the river and transient seafaring population meant it became known as much for its ill-repute as its attempts at correction.

Court records from Cunningham’s heyday show that criminals were known to hide their loot in large storage buildings, which became known as ‘ware houses’ and ‘ware rooms,’ around the site of the prison. The Ware Rooms, pays homage to that through its very name, and an interpretation of the gang leader’s shady figure even forms part of our logo, ensuring Cunningham remains a talking point over a meal or drink.

According to the Courant, and prison records, Cunningham is thought to have been born in Wigton, in Cumberland, and was brought up as a pitman, but was known to have lived in Bishop Auckland and Barlow, near Winlaton, around the time of his imprisonment. From circa 1772 – ten years prior to him being apprehended – he travelled the country, selling earthen pots and mugs in summer, and coopering and mending lanthorns in winter.

Something is also known of his private life too, again, thanks to the very vivid description of Cunningham and his associates from official records. His common law wife, to whom he was never legally married, was Ann Hamilton – also known as Ann Brown – who lived with him for about five years.  Known to have been born in Dalkeith, in Scotland, it is not clear how she met Cunningham, but they lived together in the North East.

The Newcastle Courant portrays a smartly-dressed woman, although one who also found herself becoming part of the House of Correction’s newest residents in January 1782.

“She appears to be about 35 years of age, has light coloured hair, a fair complexion, a small round face, a slight squint with her right eye; her present dress is a black silk bonnet, a silk handkerchief about her head, a short red cloak, a remarkable beautiful flowered chintz gown, and a black quilted petticoat.”

The image of Ann is also something that could have come straight from the pages of Oliver, a novel, and of course production, known for its colourful portrayal of Nancy and her fellow beautifully-attired female criminal companions.


The Ware Rooms
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