5 unusual UK foods every tourist should try

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The United Kingdom has a rather outdated reputation when it comes to food. People still think we’re stuck eating fish and chips and bland meat and two veg dishes. This does the UK a massive injustice. The UK has a wide variety of regional specialties and some of the most innovative restaurants in the world.

You have probably heard of ‘Haggis’, but did you know that Scotland is also home to the sweet desert ‘Cranachan’ and the excellently named ‘Clootie Dumpling’? Visitors to Newcastle Upon-Tyne in the North East of England, should do their best to seek out ‘pease pudding’. It goes great in a sandwich or with ham hock.

Not many Londoners are still eating ‘jellied eels’, but if you’re looking for a taste of East London’s history, you should seek them out. They’re tastier than they sound!

If you’re in Liverpool, you should head to Maggie May’s Café and Bar and try the ‘scouse’. The dish that give those from Liverpool their nickname.

You can learn more about these delicacies below, along with recommendations to help you find the coolest places to eat around the UK.


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